How To Change Language in G5Theme Using LOCO Translate Plugin

Themes that support multi-language is not an automatically translate content function, it is the feature that allows us to write more than one language on the website.  It means that you have to translate the phrase in theme and plugins into many different languages by yourself.

Translating using Poedit

First of all, you will need to download .PO/.pot file editor like Poedit or other. It is possible to use any text editor but it will be so much easier to use Poedit than regular text edit so I strongly recommend to download it. It’s free, works on Mac, Windows, and Linux and there is no reason not to use it.

I had an article on How to change languages via po/mo file which makes it easier to use Poedit to translate G5Theme  into your own language.

Translating using LOCO Translate plugin

We hope you find out how to translate a WordPress theme and now can give back to the community by translation themes and plugins for others to use. G5Theme proudly provides Premium WordPress themes with over 5000 satisfied users every year and we hope you will do that with theme translations as well.

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