How can I show on my-account page all the download items in the Downloads?

NOTE: This article apply for Academia theme.
To show all the download items in the Downloads on my-account page do follow step by step to show all the download items.

1. Check woocommerce version, if version lower 2.6.1 won’t have Downloads page, need update to 2.6.1 or higher.

2. Setting product to downloadable
Step-1. set_product_downloadable

3. Grant access for downloadable products
3.1 Automatically:
You need settings “Grant access to downloadable products after payment” as image:

3.2 Manual:
You need un-check step 3.1, then after customers have payment order, go to order and grant access

Step-2. set_permission_access-download_file

After done all steps above, go to my-account page -> tab Download will see products display look like
Step-3 .view_download_file_my_accountThat’s all. Thanks for your watching.
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