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Zoom Magnifier not working, products tab appreance issue,

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    Please see to this following issues which are occurring.

    1. YITH zoom magnifier not working

    2. On Product page, the appearance(Style) of the product tabs (Descriptions, reviews etc,) is changed automatically, how can we go back to original or how can we change the style for it.

    3. on some internet security systems, my website is blocked due to some issues in the theme script.
    i have talked to SSL certificate company , but SSL is working fine rather its a issue with the content of the theme script.

    4. My account page – the appearance of the login part is not adjusted to the mobile view. you can check that out on mobile also. the box for entering the email id or password is very small.

    5. i am not able to adjust the width of the dropdown menu when i hover over the catalog tab of the header.
    i have only single list under catalog menu but the dropdown is way big for the size. (reference attached)

    6. Please open the attachment Naming: “Header”, i am not able to adjust the font size or placements of the circles part in the attachemnt.

    kindly help with these above issues , i know the list is long but i am writing here after extensively trying everything.

    only you can help me, i am not very technical person but have studies all these things on my own to make my website.

    try to solve as many as you can.

    my login credentials are here.

    username: admin
    password : lshc1234

    thanks and regards
    ankur gupta
    email: lifeshieldhc@gmail.com

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