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    Hi, I want to add a sidebar on the WCMP vendor store page. The WCMP developer does provide codes for doing this. I have used that code in another theme and worked. However, when I switch the Orson theme, the codes are not worked. The WCMP developer did help to check the issue and have the following reply.

    “It seems like your theme has overridden the WooCommerce sidebar and added it’s own sidebar.
    That is why the above code is not working. Can you please get in touch with them so that they can help on this further. If they need our input/help, please don’t hesitate to ask.
    Alternatively, if they can share us any input to add the sidebar in the vendor shop also, please do share that with us also.”

    Please see whether you can support to resolve it. This is a major issue for me to use your theme.


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