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Visual Composer front-end editor breaks Darna Icon Boxes

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    Hi, could you please help me? I am having an issue with the Darna Icon Box elements.

    I use the Visual Composer code from Home Page 3 template demo. When I insert the Darna demo code into the Classic Mode Editor (like so, please see screenshot 1), the Icon Box slider will appear correctly when resized for a smaller device. (screenshot 2) One box per slider page looks good.

    However, if I then use the visual editor to change anything at all about the Icon Boxes, for example I change the title in the heading from the default ‘WHAT WE DO’ to ‘WHAT WE DO!’ (see screenshot 3), and then preview again, the Icon Slider box breaks and the boxes are all displayed together on screen which doesn’t look very good (screenshot 4), and also the back-end code is changed automatically.

    I have tested this with the Darna Demo data – essentially any visual editor change seems to break the nice looking Icon Box slider on a small device.

    Hope this makes sense… it’s driving me crazy. Could you please help? I believe I am running latest versions of Darna and plugins.

    Many thanks, Jeremy

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