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Virus and few tweaks!

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    Hi supporter !
    My website url : http://megacitynekretnine.rs/
    Description about error:

    Hi, since I have created a website using your theme I have some strange codes in many files
    Here’s examle: https://imgur.com/a/dO62ZQj

    And my visitors are redirecting to some strange sites
    Few examples:

    I have never instaled any 3rd plugin since beginning or anything similiar. I tried to remove that codes but it keeps coming back after few days.

    2. In administrator area when I’m adding new property, in this field (see picture) I need to have option to put letters instead of numbers. Now when I enter letter and try to Save, I’m getting message: Please match the requested format.

    3. On any property page, at the bottom I have form for contacting agent. I’m unable to setup this form to work. When someone try to send message he/she get message: Server error, mail not sent.

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