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    I am trying to understand the relationship between a (i) User, (ii) Agent, and (ii) agency.

    We want to set up a portal where multiple agencies can list their properties and we charge a fee.

    Company A has 20 Agents and 50 properties
    Company B has 10 Agents and 20 properties

    1. Can 1 user (admin Staff) from Company A manage all the properties for each of the agents?

    2. Can I assign Multiple agent profiles to 1 user? So user 1 can pick Agent A, Agent b, Agent C when listing a property.

    3. Does each Agent under company A need a package? Or can the Agency Company A have a package that all the agents can use?

    I can see I can assign an agent to an agency via the backend. But it looks like each agent needs a package to list properties. I do not want each agent to have a package.


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