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    Hi supporter !
    My website url :
    Description about error:
    is there an option for a setup, where the web site has just one (or more) “agent” (the owner of the site), anyone can publish listings (as it is by default) BUT the requests from the web site are being sent not to the listing publisher (as it is now) but to that one single agent who is the owner of the site (so the owner could then connect the seller and the user that is interested)
    I see there is an option to assign an agent, this is perfect. So the actual question is – how to automatically assign every new listing to one specific agent by default (and disallow the publisher to change it later).
    If it is not ready out of the box – is it possible to program this – do you have some hooks in the plugin/theme that we can use to achieve that?
    Thank you in advance

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