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    Hi supporter !
    My website url : https://iandrlifestyle.com/
    Description about error: a lot is broken, and I really don’t have time and energy for this!

    Here’s the thing, I asked a refun to Envato (via themeforest) and you decline it because you answered that you couldn’t find me here on the forum. I just register now. I am sorry to tell you that but it’s very complicated (everyting…) it could be easier. And why you don’t answer via theme forest (nothing to be able to send you message there)

    Here is the message back and forth when I ask a refund. `

    ****Your refund request for Handmade – Shop WordPress WooCommerce Theme has been declined***
    Hi iandrlifestyle
    After careful review, G5Theme has decided to decline your request to refund your purchase of Handmade – Shop WordPress WooCommerce Theme. They provided the following reason:

    I checked on my help desk and don’t see any topics need help from you, here: http://prntscr.com/ic8dqn
    So in your case, i think you have to wait Envato for refund.
    Read more here:
    Thank you very much.

    If you disagree with the author’s decision you can raise a dispute.

    The Envato Market Team

    Here from envato and my answer to that
    Because first, really complicated to ask for help.
    second, two much problems in the site (the menu, the colors, etc.
    nothing works or is fixed,it changes back to previously in front of my
    face while i am check the results, etc.
    it’s full of problems. My english in not very good to ask questions.

    Even the upgrade via the envato market was impossible (i press update
    and nothing happen). I had to find the last evento wordpress toolkit
    and to install it for being able to update.

    It’s your responsibilty also the people who sell on your plateforem,
    you should tell them !!!

    Maybe if they send me a physical copy of the update (I will
    reinstal it everyting without relying on the auto update and see if it fixed everything.
    I pass a long time on the web finding a way to upload the update physically not just
    via the admin and envato, but I found NOTHING !!! very complicated, i
    am truly disapointed.

    and this is very stupid what they show that they cannot find any account
    I bought it from themeforest (envato) not g5theme, of course they will not find me there. !!!


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