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Store opens then dissapears only in IPhone and IOS Devices

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    Dear sir,

    i have recently purchased Sprint plant theme and after setting the whole website . i am facing an issue that, website is working fine but when i open the store page on Iphone or IOS Devices, then store opens but then disappears automatically.

    again if i refresh the page it comes then when i scroll drown the page it disappears.

    thsi problem is coming only on IOS platform, on android and Windows PC its working very fine .

    URL: http://www.lifeshieldhealthcare.com
    store URl: https://www.lifeshieldhealthcare.com/catalog/

    My email ID: lifeshieldhc@gmail.com
    My Number : 91-9910518092

    i request you to process my issue asap and solve it or guide the proper steps for it ,as i am new to website designing and dont know much technical things like coding etc. but still managed to make this website. but solution for this issue is out of my knowledge.

    thanks and regards
    ankur gupta
    lifeshield healthcare pvt ltd (India)

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