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    Hi there, I installed Academia in September and I’ve been having problems with the speed of my site, it’s registering 13/100 for Mobile and 63/100 for Desktop.

    I have WP Super Cache installed and configured correctly, all images have been optimised using Smush.

    I have spoken to my hosting company numerous times, who have stated:

    “I’ve just reviewed your shared web/database servers and wasn’t able to locate any load issue on our side at this point. Everything seems to be working normally at the moment.

    I noticed that you’re already using a custom php.ini for your website and the maximum possible limitations (such as memory_limit, max_execution_time, etc.).

    The WP Super Cache configuration has been successfully updated with the correct settings.”

    I’ve had 2 developers working on the website, both of whom have been unable to fix the number of requests, please can you help?

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