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Several questions

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    Hi supporter !
    Hi, i have several questions to customize a little this theme and the ERE plugin.

    1.- I need to hide/erase “Open on Google Maps” from the Adress.
    2.- I need to change the “Adress” word.
    3.- I need to change the “Province/State” word. For 2 and 3, i already tried to change the word with LOCO translate and it didnt worked.
    4.- I need to remove/hide the agent contact info (photo, email, site, etc).
    5.- I need to customize the contact form, basically i need to use another plugin OR i need the option to add a checkbox to subscribe to the newsletter. Mayme it would be a nice option to pass the parameters in order to subscribe to mailchimp using the name and email entered. I need to know how to change the words too.

    6.- I need to change all the words: States, Min Price, Min Land Area, etc. From the buttons and also the dropdown names.
    7.- Is there any option to have two or more property slugs/taxonomies?, my company sells big lands and small parcels so it would be nice to have one slug for each one, OR…
    8.- … I need to have an empty slug/taxonomy, i already tried to leave the “Property Slug” blank (from URL Slug ERE Options) and it didnt work, it keeps showing the “/property/” slug.

    I know coding so there is no problem at all if i need to modify PHP or CSS files.
    Thank you very much.

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