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Serious problem with metro style grid

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      Hi, i need to create a metro grid with no blank spaces between images, like classic metro style.
      I tried for one entire day with your layout builder, in several numbers of columns, rearranging images… there is no way to have all images well aligned

      i need to create something like this:

      but i obtain only this:
      or this:

      the second grid is obtained with this builder settings:

      i’d like to set image proportions in layout builder than have it respected on page, i cannot understand the reason why some grid elements have the height that they have… so blank holes appears

      please let me know if you are able to obtain something similar to my model with the images you can found here:

      feel free to resize images, i do not need the exact image, i need exact proportion on every page scale, responsive, in 6/5/3/2/1 xxxx columns you want, but i need a metro gallery, a gallery that crops elements to respect a predefined grid for ex:
      4×3 2×4
      3×5 1×1

      so you have a grid of 6 columns and 8 rows
      with a small imageon center that fill the blank hoel you have putting all others imageson corners, a metro grid

      please let me know because i’m going crazy


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