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security problem with the templated ruby ​​build

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    juan carlos

    Hi supporter !
    My website url : http://www.arquiluxltda.com/ws
    Description about error:

    good afternoon, due to what I already told you about the great security problem of your templated ruby ​​build and which caused a big damage to my website developed in wordpress with its templated which was http://www.arquiluxltda.cl that finally stayed in security blacklist, this led me to have to buy the nic http://www.arquiluxltda.com and re-implement my website.
    Due to the above, I request that you give me support to solve the following security problem:
    Includes front-end JavaScript libraries with known security vulnerabilities
    1 vulnerability detected
    Some third-party scripts may contain known security vulnerabilities that are easily identified and exploited by attackers. Learn more
    Library Version
    Vulnerability Count
    Highest Severity

    this detected by Google lighthouse.

    I require the bootstrap version 3.3.7 to be updated to version 4.3.1 which is considered stable and more secure.

    Regarding the jquery, I managed to improve the version of these to avoid the other security problem of the template.

    If they require access to wp-admin or ftp they should only request it

    Thanks in advance

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