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Search Form problem

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    Hi supporter !

    I am currently facing the problem with Search Form.

    I have a Search Form on the front page which does not include “For Rent / For Sale” switcher. So by default form does search only in “For Rent” category.

    For example, I do search by Property’s ID, and receive no search results (0). On the search result’s page, I make search one more time, and on this page “For Rent / For Sale” switcher is available, so when I manually turn it to “For Sale”, I get results.

    How can I force my search form on the front page, look in both categories For Rent / For Sale ?

    Customer mostly coming from Facebook / Offline, so they have only Property’s ID and need to find the property quickly, without thinking about search critereas.

    Please help with the solution.

    Thank you

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