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Quote Post Not Working Correctly

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      Hi supporter !
      My website url : http://www.selfchamp.com/how-to-tap-into-your-greatness/
      Description about error: I have made a quote post. As you can see on the link above, the quote overlaying the image is missing from the top of the post. It is like this in your demo but missing here.

      Your demo: http://themes.g5plus.net/pasco/2016/10/01/amazing-quote-post/

      Also, the time on the posts is showing in military time (14:48 instead of 2:48). AND, when I click on the hearts on the posts, nothing happens. It should add a number to the heart. Please check these bugs and let me know when fixed. Thank you!

    Cannot reply in this topic, If you have any issue, please create new topic