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product-image.php version 2.0.14 is out of date

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    Hi supporter !

    My website url : https://rlbeautylondon.com (the front page is a coming soon plugin, login to bypass that).

    Description about error:
    My problem is that product images don’t change on mouse-over. I have the latest version of the theme and WooCommerce installed. I believe that the problem is that the file megatron/woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php version 2.0.14 is out of date. The core version is 2.6.3.

    To be clear, my version of megatron is up to date, actually I only installed this last version. I’ve just downloaded the theme again to double check and the file single-product under megatron/woocommerce/single-product.php was last time modified in Dec 2015.

    How can we fix this?

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