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    Hi. I translated the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button to KRENI NA PLAĆANJE but I want to have it translated to DALJE. I did it finally, but the problem is that ever time I update the woocommerce, the name button changes back from DALJE to KRENI NA PLAĆANJE back again. I tried to change it in loco translator but it gives me the error..I really don’t remember anymore where can I change this button name..Please help me to change it once for all time, so , the next time I update woocommerce, I don’t need to search where to change again the button name..Once again-originary the button name is called PROCEED TO CHECKOUT, which was translated in KRENI NA PLAĆANJE…Then, I changed it to DALJE and it was fine, but every time I update woocommerce, the (proceed to checkout button) is back again with the translation KRENI NA PLAĆANJE which I previously changed, but it comes back…I want that button (KRENI NA PLAĆANJE) named DALJE ..for always…Can you please help me?

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