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Problems with header

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    Hi supporter !
    My website url : http://sectorvivienda.apps-1and1.net/
    Description about error: I successfully installed your demo in order to create an estate agency`s website. When I was almost finishing it, with all my company´s information, the website suddenly changes by itself. In some pages, my information was changed with the initial example information (phone number and logo) at the top of the page, in other pages does not appear the phone number; changes to the search button.
    Also, the image, where the title appears, shows up cut or not appear. Some pages looks unchanged but others have the phone number and the logo changed. When I try to save the new phone number in the home page, it does not change. In order to fix it I was trying to uninstall and install it. The reinstalled demo worked just fine again, so, I started to customize the website all over again. Then it changes again suddenly, the phone number (the header) and the image shows up cut.
    Also the top of the page changed to a white color with all the text in white, so I was not able to see the menu. I uninstalled and installed it again, like four times, but I still have problem with the header and the image where title appear.
    I would like to know if there is a way to fix it, by myself or by giving you the control of the website in order to solve the problem.

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