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Primary Nav – line break

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    There’s a weird line break happening with my primary navigation, when the browser’s window is shrunk. I believe it happens right around 1200px. If you look at the pictures attached, you can see that the navigation has a space to the right, and I cannot figure out how, or what, to get rid of that space. My guess is that it’s <div class="header-nav-right"><?php g5plus_get_template('header/header-customize-nav' ); ?></div> but I’ve had no luck with just simply deleting that.

    I think the pictures explain it pretty well, and you have the demo site to see it for yourself.

    – 1st pic: the way the navigation normally looks on desktop
    – 2nd pic: what happens when browser window is reduced in size – an undesirable line break
    – 3rd pic: showing a padding of space that is helping to force the line break
    – 4th pic: showing the padding to the right remains. need to delete that padding, but how/where?

    I’d like some help figuring out how to get rid of that space (in red, in the pics below), so that the navigation doesn’t break to two lines before the mobile menu replaces it when the responsive layout adjusts.

    Thank you.

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