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Pages Options metabox appear even on dashboard page

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    Hi supporter !

    as you can see from the screenshot the metabox appear on the dashboard as well.
    On this page the metabox makes no senses.
    I have done a reseearch as I believe I have found the cause for this issue.
    The box is created via the javascript admin/assets/js/admin.app.js .
    On line 16 the code is added to the dom regardless which page is actually shown.
    If jQuery find an element with the id normal-sortables with is also the case on the dashboard startpage it will add the code.

    I don’t know why you are adding metaboxes with javascript instead on the mentioned way from the wordpress deleveloper page with add_meta_box.

    In my opinion this box should only appear if I on the edit page for a post or page.

    This is confusing for customer so I would appreticate if you fix it asap.

    Kind regards

    b.o.o Alexander Behling
    mumbo jumbo media
    Bramstraße 19A
    49090 Osnabrück

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