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Offset error for sticky posts

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    we are working on a website based on your Achilles theme (https://www.poolspapressalliance.com).
    Everything worked fine until we enabled sticky post (in the featured zone too, editing feature-3.php code).
    – the featured zone shows more than 3 posts (and we are able to edit the code in order to show only 3 posts);
    – if we force code to show only 3 posts in featured zone the hidden posts are not shown in the post list;
    – the posts list shows sticky posts already shown in the featured zone (even if “No duplicate posts” option is selected);
    – the number of post is more than 6 we selected in the configuration menu, because sticky posts are not counted.

    How can we solve this?
    We tried to work on pre_get_posts function in query.class.php and wpsites_exclude_latest_post in hook.class.php in order to set the right posts count and offsets but it didn’t worked…

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