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Multiple problems

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    Hi supporter !
    My website url : https://corditendynamite.com.au
    Description about error:
    1) Zorka Shortcode will not install
    2) Install demo data button / link missing
    3) CSS error or something on latest chrome, possibly other browsers see https://www.corditendynamite.com.au/shop/ or https://www.corditendynamite.com.au/product/fluro-green-pink-micro-bikini/ (see attatched, seen on 2 unrelated computers)
    4) Size N/A appears on a product page for no reason. It appears to be looking for dimension information. How to remove it?

    I’ve lost over a week of editing due to this error. Please can you login and
    1) Install Zorka shortcode
    2) Install the demo data
    3) Get rid of the layout / CSS issues
    4) Remove Size N/A


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