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Multiple issues

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    Hello !

    My website url : https://ascendantpie.fr

    I have recently buy and download your Zorka Theme on ThemeForest. This theme is pretty but there is a lot of issues since i installed it, look at this list :

    1 – It’s impossible to translate (in french) all the the strings (For exemple the string “Quick View”). Some strings are not visible in Loco Translate plugin. Are they in the .pot file ?

    2 – It’s impossible for me to change the Primary Color. If i select a new primary color and save the changes it’s still the old one. But the option “primary color” become the new one… (I think i have to compile the lcss. Look at the third issue)

    3 – It’s impossible to compile Less. It’s give an error : “Error !”

    4 – How can i disable header for products category page ?

    5 – When users try to connect with “Login” link on the top left of the page (The menu) they can’t. They have to connect with the WordPress login page.

    6 – Wishlist doesn’t work (Impossible to see)

    7 – Compare products page style is not the same as Zorka theme (Ulgy) normal ?

    8 – How to fix the shipping fees calculator style ? It’s very ulgy (No design) :
    No design calculator

    Thank’s for your help !

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