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Mobile RTL bug and Browser incompatibility

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    I’ll start with the fact that this is one of the most customizable, user friendly and appealing themes I have ever worked on.

    I’m developing a website for my client (who purchased the theme and delivered me the purchase code in order to open the ticket) in Hebrew (RTL version). Unfortunately I encountered a problem on the mobile version of the website in the shop page:
    The sidebar is appearing as a dark icon and when you click on it, it slides from the right side. But when I try to change the price range filter on the touch screen, the sidebar disappears (slides back to the right side while the white container is still there). Closing the sidebar by clicking the button or the background and reopening still shows blank container. I could not recreate the but on desktop minimized screen, probably has something to do with the touch function.

    Another problem has to do with the slider revolution. It appears that Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers having trouble with the social icons on the left side. I used your slider template from the demo and only removed the unnecessary social buttons, changed their location by a few pixels and increased the font size.

    Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0 / EdgeHTML 16.16299:
    The social button text was aligned to the left (top of the slider) and was easily fixed by applying the text-align: center; property, but another problem appeared – link clickable area became very long and overlapping with the other button in such way that clicking on one would lead to another.

    Safari 9.1.2:
    I could not recreate the problem on my side as I don’t own a Mac but the client reported having problems with the social buttons not rotating correctly.

    Thank you very much.

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