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Missing URL field in comments section

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    Hi there,

    I actually have 2 questions and hope that is okay.

    1st question: The website (URL) field is not visible in my comments section. Only the name, email and comment fields are available. I want people to be able to leave their website link when they leave a comment on a blog post. I’ve been combing through every possible setting I can find and see no solution to this issue. What am I missing?

    2nd question: The product images from WooCommerce are not loading correctly. They get blurry and/or have odd sizes. For example, on my home page, under the caption, “Amazing Products: Have a Look,” the images are poorly sized and get blurry/greyed out at random times. The same happens on my Shop page.

    I love your theme and thank you for a great design. I feel like there are several technical aspects I’m missing that are affecting the design of this theme. My page isn’t reflecting the beauty of the demo theme and I’d like to fix that somehow.

    I look forward to hearing what you think I might have done wrong or could do better.



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