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    Problem 1 :

    As you can see in attachment 1, the parts circled in red I modified them in the section G5theme / themes option / header customization but it does not work in the home page. In some other sections like NOS SERVICES or BOUTIQUE the changes have been made…

    Please explain the reasons and how can i fix it.

    Problem 2 :

    In the site I have 3 forms (home page, form quote and form contact page) but none of them works and every time I have an error message when I want to validate. (attachement 2)

    Problem 3 :

    How can i do to translate the bouton READ MORE in the section NOS SERVICES (attachment 3)

    Problem 4 :

    As you can see, I installed an e-commerce in the site but I have a problem. I do not find how to change the font color of the word BOUTIQUE (attachment 4).

    Also i dont see how to show Shoping card icon in the header.

    Problem 5 :

    I have problem to integrate correctly a google maps map into the CONTACT page. I put the correct longtitude and latitude informations and I modified the API URL but it does not work.
    (see google maps key and access in advanced information)

    Please note that I do not see the box “Set as private reply” and I wish that my informations and our exchanges remain private. Thanks


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