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Major Issues

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      Hi supporter !
      My website url : http://www.mpmtestsite5.com/test
      Description about error:

      Having some major issues with Pasco. I make updates on pages and they do not take affect. After making the changes and hitting update, the page reloads and the changes are not saved. This happens throughout the site. I have tried 4 different caching plugins. Nothing works. I can’t update this page (www.mpmtestsite5.com/test). Also, it automatically hides the content on the page with this:

      .vc_row[data-vc-full-width].vc_hidden {
      opacity: 0;

      It is hiding the content automatically. Please help. The updates/caching problem is throughout the whole theme. Go ahead and try making changes on the page, and you will see. Please inform me what to do as this site is going live soon.

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