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Issues and questiosna fter setup

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    Hi supporter !
    My website url : https://nautic-one.com
    Description about error:

    i just setup the theme but I have a few questions and bugs left:
    – How can I show the sidebar in the webshop on the left and not on the right side of the content?
    – Logo not centered. Please fix it so it’s always centered above the mainmenu
    – Where is the navigationbar right above the webshop products coming from? (in the filter section: All, Ankern und Festmachen, Bordelektronik, Deckenbeschläge, …) Please deactivate it and let me know how to do it.
    – Where can I change the general link hover color, like for links in the footer area? When you hover the URL in the footer area in the “Adresse” section, you see it’s your default green and not our brand blue. Do I need custom css for this?
    – cart icon or other option to enter the cart missing on iPhone. Please activate it
    – what webshop image settings do you recommend? The doc only tells me where to change but not what setting to use. Or am I missing something?
    – Variable products are missing the dropdown to select the variation (webinspector shows a display:none on the dropdown). Please fix this. See https://nautic-one.com/produkt/kartenzirkel/ for example.
    – How can we remove the sidebar completely from the product detail page? We need the sidebar only on the shop stream page where the customer selects products. In the product we want to have the space to present the product and show big images.

    Thanks in advance!

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