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    I want to use a custom icon in my top navigation that is not included in Font Awesome. I tried using the image option in the xmenu, but it does not align with the other icons and pushes the text to the next line. This method also creates a grey outline around the image that I am unable to turn off. I attempted to hard code using the “custom content” option but it did not pick up the rollover animation or the mobile text styling.

    My URL is http://bigyellowtaxi.org/charter2016/

    Attached is a screenshot of the problem in question. “FTZ & Bonded Warehouse” is the version which uses the image option in the xmenu, and “Canadian Trade” is the version which was hard-coded. The rest use the normal method with icons from the Font Awesome library.

    Your reply would be greatly appreciated, and looking forward to receiving a fix for this bug. Thanks.

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