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I have a problem with Carousel grids.

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      I have a problem with Carousel grids. Each time I create a Carousel – instead of displaying the posts it displays “Could not find this template”.
      I don’t know when this happened since everything used to work fine. Previously created carousels are still showing fine. But if I re-save them or create a new one. It shows “Could not find this template”.
      Grid and Mansory layouts work fine.
      Could you please help?
      I’ve seen people raising the same issue on WordPress and CodeCanyon support forums without replies…
      Could you check into this please?

      Also, a recent bug that started happening is that carousels that do work show up buggy. The arrows display is messed up and images show up in different sizes.

      I’ve set up a test page with two old shortcodes that work but have display problems.
      And a new shortcode that shows “could not find template”

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