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Google Maps not automatically recognizing any addresses

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    Hello, our google maps are not recognizing when I enter an address in the location section of our Properties page. When I enter an address the marker doesn’t move at all and stays stuck in Australia.

    I felt that maybe that Google Maps API was not working, but I set up an additional account and used our Credit Card, and it works just fine, I just have to manually move the marker to the right location.

    Something within the Theme is not working, can you please see what is wrong. It won’t allow us to add a city or state either, even though they are already added in the settings. I have created an admin login for you.

    login: support
    password: rentnow1234

    Try creating a new property. When you go down below to add the address to the location tab, you will se that it stays stuck. Once again, our API is fine, otherwise there would be a dark block on top of the map, so the problem is somewhere in the theme itself. Please help. This started a few months ago and I think something happened when the theme was updated. It seems to be locked.

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