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Ghost page is haunting my website.

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    1. I created a portfolio page. Deleted the page. Created a new portfolio page at a later date and only the deleted page shows up. It doesn’t matter what content I put on the new portfolio page, only the old deleted page content displays. Even if I delete the page completely I can still access the url. There is no way to change it or override the page. It’s a ghost page that haunts my site. I’m having to use the slug portfoilo1 as a work around. It’s very frustrating. Is there a fix?

    2. When I add multiple logos to the client logo widget I can only seem to add 1 or 2. As a work around I used the classic editor and punched in image numbers. It worked but I can’t ask my client to do it this way, they would be clueless. Can it be fixed?

    3. Masonry2 portfolio displays my images with weird gaps, if I adjust my browser window they snap into their correct spots. People going to this site won’t do that and they’ll be stuck looking at a weird gap filled grid of images. Is there a fix for this?


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