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Front end property upload does not work – so many issues!

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    I bought this theme because I want users to upload properties using the front end.

    The front end does not work at all. This is very disappointing and I can’t believe that this functionality has so many issues as it was advertised that loading the properties using the front-end was a main function of the theme.

    1. Property address cannot be pinned. Users do not know longitude or latitude. They need to be able to pin the address. Blank area next to these fields. Is a map meant to be showing?
    2. Cannot drop and drag or select images.
    3. No option to set a feature image.
    4. Cannot drop and drag other files or select other files.
    5. Video upload doesn’t work.
    6. Image 360 doesn’t work.
    7. If user chooses – Other Contact – there are no fields to set it up.

    Also I don’t want users to be able to add additional fields in the front end. Is there anyway to change this?

    Please provide advice on how this can be fixed. I uploaded the theme upgrade today. I hope this didn’t cause all these issues. I have tested adding properties in the backend and that is ok. It is the front end that doesn’t work at all. I am hoping for a quick solution.

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