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Footer padding issue, sticky-wrapper narrowing

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    Hello, I have three questions.

    1. There seems to be an issue with padding the footer above .footer-top-holder. In theme options -> footer, there is a setting to override the defaults for padding both above and below the footer. However, the padding below the footer seems to be the only functioning option. I am unable to get proper padding above the footer.

    2. I would like to shrink the height of the nav bar. It’s labeled sticky-wrapper. It is too bulky for the look I am going for and I think a more narrowed nav-bar will have a sleeker look. I tried to do this via custom CSS, but it seems that the height is being defined as an inline-style which I believe overrides any overrides I would write.

    3. I would like to get the header background image to be behind the .top-bar and -header-nav-above rather than behind the .header-nav-above and .sticky-wrapper.

    Any advisement as to how I can achieve these would be great.

    Thank you :)

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