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    I have Zorka theme for the following site I am creating: http://scadevelopment.co.uk/felicity. I have two elements I would like help with.

    1. On the home page the footer bar has four sections. However if I click into a page for example this one: http://scadevelopment.co.uk/felicity/contact-us-1/ the footer changes to just one widget (about). I would like to have the same footer layout on all pages. I have navigated around the site and I cant clearly see how I can do this. I have copied some of the settings from the home page but it still does not alter – please can you advise.

    2. Spacing
    On the home page – http://scadevelopment.co.uk/felicity/ i have been trying to alter the amount of white space above and below the top sellers copy. I would like to reduce it as it is far too spread out. I have tried to alter in various places but again it does not seem to update – please can you advise.


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