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Different Header Displays for Pages

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    Hi supporter !
    My website url : addreal.co.nz
    Description about error: Hi there, I have noticed that a different header displays for new Pages.
    For example the Homepage header with the Main Menu is fine, and the sticky Menu is dark. But when creating a new Page the Main Menu header and sticky Menu go light. There is also contact information in the Header of a new page, which is different to the header of the Homepage. I need all Headers to reflect the styling of the Homepage for consistency. Can this be done?

    Also, the Global color styling does not work for the Main Menu. Changing the color of under Styling in the Theme Options changes everything except the color of the Main Menu – this remains Yellow / the Orion color.

    And finally, can the Social Icons both in the Header and Footer be turned off from displaying if they are not needed to be used?



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