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    Hi Tuyet,

    Some other bugs I ran into while updating my site.

    Capitalization in comments doesn’t work. I found the other ticket where somebody asked for the capitalization to be removed and I think that’s what you implemented to my site too (you sent them a screenshot of my site), but now when I hold shift+letter it doesn’t type a capital letter. Once the comment is posted, the CAPS actually show up, but in the preview it looks like they’re not working and it’s not a good user experience. People even started mentioning it in their comments. Could you please fix that?

    The other question is – In the “Before Posts Area” I’m using a widget called “G5Plus – Posts Creative”. This widget allows me to select what articles it should display – Random, Popular, Recent, Oldest, Sticky. I would like to use the Sticky option – if I understand it correctly, it should allow me to pick four articles that will be always displayed in this widget, correct? However, when I choose the Sticky option, there is no field where I can select the articles and also the right column of the widget changes from 3 articles to 5 (see the screenshot). Is it a bug or does Sticky mean actually something different? Can I select 4 static articles that will be used for this banner?

    Thank you,

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