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Can't Generate CSS

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    My website url : https://www.egpu.it
    Description about error: I just fresh installed WordPress on a new hosting. I installed the theme and all the required plugins. Then I started customizing the theme options to prepare my custom Maintenance Mode page – starting it from the Demo one I then imported. I installed some common utility plugin, and I customized the header.php of the Child Theme to add my Google SEO codes. Everything was looking fine till I switched my “Standard” Maintenance Mode page, to “Custom” and then choose my own. Then, when I tried to make a next “Save & Generate CSS”, i got the prompt error: There was a problem with your action. Please try again or reload the page.
    I checked the browser console and I see that something went terribly wrong :) It types out a bunch of json content after giving a “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)” to the admin-ajax.php file. So I thought that it could’ve been a permission issue, but it didn’t make much sense afterall, since in the start it was working and I changed nothing in the couple hours I spent on this. But I even try to change all files and directories to 777 – temporary – it didn’t help tho.
    Final piece of information, even trying to leave the maintenance mode on the custom page I created, it ended up in showing a ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS prompt as I tried to visit the website in private mode.
    Therefore here I am, asking for support. Thank you.

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