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Bug in megatron framework plugin on includes/Metabox,php:2134

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    Hi supporter !
    My website url : web61.de-webspace.de
    Description about error:
    I have found an issue on /plugins/megatron-framework/includes/Metabox.php on line 2134:
    $cnt = count(!empty($this->meta[$n])?$this->meta[$n]:NULL);

    This cause an error on PHP 7.3 because of the logic issue.
    The function count only accept countable values like an array or an object that implements countable.

    The correct code is:

    $cnt = (!empty($this->meta[$n])?count($this->meta[$n]):0;

    The value for the case that $this->meta[$n] is empty should be 0 instead of NULL because on line 2138 there’s a comparision and this caused a internal cast to int which also result in 0 but it need a little bit of unnecessary processing time. So I also changed it to a real numeric value.

    I have also mentioned this in the github you have provided: http://github.com/farinspace/wpalchemy.

    Please edit it to my code example asap.

    Kind regards

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