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Blurry Main Product Images using “Layout 4″

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    A few questions for you:

    1. For the individual product pages (https://jocohope.com/product/mum-buddy-alley/) the only “Single Product Layout” that shows the main product image as high quality is “Layout 5″. The rest show the image as blurry. I would like to use “Layout 4″ but need the image to show up clear like “Layout 5″.

    2. The “Description” was looking good, but now it’s showing strangely with “• Description”, smaller and off to the left. This used to be nicely centered and bigger. Your help is much appreciated as I don’t know why this changed.

    3. The site is running very slow. I need page load times to be faster. All my images are optimized, using lazy load, caching, WPOptimize and things are still pretty slow.

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