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Akward behaviour in pagination

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    Hi supporter !
    My website url : http://www.ymant.com/blog/
    Description about error:

    I activated “Pagination” option in Post Paging combo for homepage (in a Post element). The URL /page/2 won’t change anything, it always load last 10 entries.

    The same for general Blog Settings. Then, in a Category page (for example: http://www.ymant.com/blog/general/), the URL /page/2 redirects to something like /gsf_content when logged in, and 404 for non-logged users.

    So we activated “ajax-pagination” for both (homepage and general). It’s happening the same thing, but, at least, pagination works (it keeps loading next 10 entries). But entering directly to /page/2/ is a 404, so I have a broken link and SEO is being affected.

    Can you help me, please?

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