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6 questions..

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    Hey Supporter,

    I have some questions:

    1.Sticky Header:
    This function is great, but unfortunately it takes so long until the logo area disappears when you scroll down.
    It would be great if it disappears very fast when you scroll down.
    How can I set that?

    2.Header area:
    I have chosen Header 2 from Zorka.
    But I don’t like the white empty area above and below the logo.
    How can I minimize the white space there?

    I have chosen the dark Footer.
    But there is too much empty space at the top and in the bottom.
    How can I minimize/cut out this empty space?

    4.Also the Copyrights area (below the Footer area) has too much space above the text and below.
    How can I minimize/cut off this space?

    How can I change the automatic text of the select-button?
    (See screenshot 1)

    6.Put text in centered flush
    How can I put the text above the select-button in the center/middle position and not left flushed?
    (See screenshot 1)

    Thanks so much!

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